FA-853B: Triple output programmable power supply (60 V, 6 A)

FA-853B: Triple output programmable power supply (60 V, 6 A)

Programmable 4 modes power supply (independent, parallel, series, channel tracking) with remote control, USB, LAN and RS-232.

FA-853B is a high-performance DC power suppliy featuring three variable output channels with four convenient modes of operation: Independent, Parallel, Serial and Channel Tracking output mode (the power supply monitors the CH1 and CH2 parameters so that after a manual adjust of the parameters of one output the other output is auto-adjusted proportionally).

The excellent features of this desktop power supply include datalogging, remote control, external USB storage devices compatibility, configuration backup, a high-resolution LCD display and extremely clean ripple&noise. The power supply is very appropriate to use in education thanks to its double protection (over-voltage and over-current).

  • Three independent outputs with separate controls.
  • Outstanding line regulation performance: ≤0.01 %+3 mV(voltage), ≤0.1% +3 mA (current).
  • Outstanding load regulation performance: ≤0.01 %+3 mV(voltage), ≤0,1%+3 mA (current).
  • Low ripple and noise level: ≤4 m p-p / 1 mV RMS
  • Four operation modes: Independent, Parallel, Serial and Channel Tracking.
  • Up to 100 groups with individual time adjustments.
  • High resolution output.
  • 4” high resolution TFT LCD screen (480 x 320 pixels).
  • Interfaces: USB2.0, RS232 and LAN.

Regulable outputs CH1, CH2 and CH3
CH1 and CH2 modes
Independent Per-output individual control
Parallel Phisically connected in parallel
Serial Phisically connected in series
Channel tracking Output parameters change proportionally
Output voltage
Independent 2x0 to 30 V
Parallel 0 to 30 V
Series 0 to 60 V
CH3 0 to 6 V
Corriente de salida
Independent 2x0 to 3 A
Parallel 0 to 6 A
Series 0 to 3 A
CH3 0 to 3 A
Max output power
CH1, CH2 90 W
CH 3 18 W
Resolution 1 mV, 1 mA
Programmable output
Internal storage 1 M points (100 groups)
Time setting Seconds
Data record function 10K data groups (Voltage, Current, Power)
Interfaces USB Host, USB device, RS-232, LAN, Supports USB TMC protocol

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