FA-665B: Dual DC power supply 2x30V, 5A (aux 5V, 3A)

FA-665B: Dual DC power supply 2x30V, 5A (aux 5V, 3A)

Bench power supply including two 30V/5A variable outputs that may be configured in independent, serial or parallel modes plus a fixed 5 V and 3 A output. It is designed for universities, training centers and the automotive industry.

The bench power supply FA-665B provides two variable, symmetric voltage outputs (from 0 to 30 V) and current up to 5 A. All the outputs have a convenient short circuit protection for any of their set-ups, since their maximum current output is internally adjusted.

The variable power supplies can be configured independently, or in serial mode to reach a 60 V output or also in parallel mode to deliver up to 10 A.

The dual power supply has four displays to allow the user the read the voltage and current values simultaneously. An output control switch has been included in order to cut the supply output to the circuits under test with no need to move the control wheels. This makes the FA-665B very suitable for electronic labs, service and maintenance centers as well as for training centers and the automotive industry.

  • Voltage: From 0 to ±30 V
  • Current: From 0 to 5 A
  • Independent
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Voltage: 5 V
  • Current: 3 A

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