IL-005: Ultra violet (UV) light sensor

IL-005: Ultra violet (UV) light sensor

Ultraviolet radiation dose measurement sensor, for UVC disinfection of health-care areas.

IL-005 is an irradiance and dose meter in the ultraviolet (UVC) spectral range. It is specially designed for the measurement of irradiance and dose of UVC radiation emitted by disinfection lamps.

The ultraviolet sensor can be used both in vertical and horizontal position and its measurement indication is very intuitive. Its internal battery is charged via an standard USB-C connector and allows for 20 hours of operation.

The UVC dosimeter IL-005 includes a wide angle sensor. Thanks to its design, the UVC sensor gets a wider viewing angle than enables using the device both in horizontal and vertical position

  • It attaches to uneven surfaces: By combining a magnet and a non-slip surface, the device can be placed even on cylindrical surfaces.
  • 20 hours of battery operation time: A full charge takes as low as 2 hours using a standard USB-C with a power supply (included) or any USB power source.
  • UVC irradiation analysis in rooms: Ensure the correct dosing of ultraviolet light on the 100% of the surface of a room by placing multiple devices in key locations.
  • UVC light lamps maintenance: It is perfect to check regularly the proper operation of an ultraviolet light lamp.
  • Multidevice Bluetooth connection: Get instant access to the measurement of multiple devices placed in the same room to ensure the proper dose of UV light along all the surfaces.

SPECTRAL BAND From 220 to 280 nm
IRRADIANCE From 0 to 9909 mW/cm²
DOSE From 0 to 9999 mJ/cm²
White From 0 to 50 mJ/cm²
Yellow From 50 to 100 mJ/cm²
Green From 100 to 150 mJ/cm²
Blue From 150 to 200 mJ/cm²
Red From 200 to 250 mJ/cm²
Violet >250 mJ/cm²
USER INTERFACE Keypad and Bluetooth
INTERNAL BATTERY Charging time 2 h, battery life 20 h
DIMENSIONS 100 (W.) x 100 (H.) x 40 (D.) mm

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