OS-782: Poliscope

OS-782: Poliscope

Double channel 20 MHz oscilloscope plus 1000 V / 10 A digital multimeter with impedance, capacitance and continuity

The poliscope OS-782 is a measurement instrument that features in a single instrument a 20 MHz oscilloscope and a 1000 VCC / 750 VAC multimeter.

The double channel 20 MHz, 100 MS/s oscilloscope includes FFT function and 20 auto measurements. It can store and recall waveforms from its memory. The multimeter autoscale mode avoids breakdowns caused by wrong measurement ranges settings.

The OS-782 is designed for field and lab work. Its battery can supply power for 6 hours of operation and its rubber cover protects the instrument. For lab work it can be supplied by its AC adapter (included) and it can work in continuous operation mode exporting the data through the USB port.

Channels 2
Real time sampling rate 100 MS/s
Record length 6000 points per channel
Automatic measurements 20
Trigger types Edge, Video, Alternate
Math functions +, -, x, ÷, invert, FFT
Probe attenuation factor 1x, 10x, 100x, 1000x
Max input voltage 400 V PK-PK
Voltage Up to 1000 Vdc and 750 Vac
Current Up to 10 Aac / 10 Adc
Impedance Up to 4 MΩ
Capacitance Up to 1000 µF
Diode test Voltage from 0 to 1.5V
Continuity test Audible tome for impedances <50 Ω
Relative measurement Available
Scales Automatic or manual modes
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Power cord + AC adapter, USB cable, Oscilloscope probe (2 units), Probe adjust, Multimeter lead (2 units), 5V/1 kHz output adapter, Capacitors lecture module, Software (in CD-ROM), Quick reference guide, Transport case

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