PROLITE-41: Compact optical fibre fusion splicer

PROLITE-41: Compact optical fibre fusion splicer

Ultra fast compact optical fiber splicer (7s fusion time) including two replaceable batteries and a complete toolkit to start working from the very first moment.

Fusion splicer model PROLITE-41 from PROMAX is one of the smallest and lightest optical fiber splicing equipment available in the market today, featuring the fastest splicing speed: 7 seconds.

PROLITE-41 uses advanced Optical Core Alignment fiber adustment technology. Adopt four motors drive, have fiber adjustment function, it is not only used for FTTx environments, but also can be used for the trunk line of a telecommunication system.

It includes two replaceable batteries that can be extracted in a matter of seconds just pressing a button. Each battery allows 180 cycles of fusion + heating and can be used while it is being recharged.

Fusion Splicer PROLITE-41 is a mini-type fusion splicing machine built in a titanium alloy body designed to be waterproof and dustproof. It includes the essential accessories for immediate operation: two strippers (for fibre and for drop cable), cleaver, dust blowing pear, isopropyl alcohol dispenser... In addition, its user-replaceable fiber holders can be swapped at any time using a fast and safe magnet-guided fitting.

  • Cladding diameter: 125 μm.
  • Coating diameter: 250 μm ~ 900 μm
STORAGE OF SPLICER RESULT 5000 groups of the latest records
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY LIFE 180 cycles of fusion + tube heater
  • Replaceable batteries (x2)
  • External AC adapter + cable
  • Cleaver
  • Pair of spare electrodes
  • Cooling tray
  • Tweezers
  • Transport case
  • Standard stripper
  • Drop cable stripper
  • Spare magnetized fiber holder for heater
  • Magnetized fiber holders
  • Bust blowing ball
  • Alcohol dispenser
  • Heat shrink Sleeves
  • USB to PC connection cable
  • Quick reference guide

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