PROLITE-24 Fiber Test UTP: Optical power meter, VFL and Ethernet tester

PROLITE-24 Fiber Test UTP: Optical power meter, VFL and Ethernet tester

Three-in-one compact and multifunctional measuring instrument: Calibrated 7-wavelength optical power meter, visual fault locator and Ethernet tester.

The PROLITE-24 Fiber Test UTP is a pocket-size multi tool very convenient and economical practical to carry at all times as part of the equipment of indoor networks technicians and installers.

A single device integrates a calibrated optical power meter for 7 wavelengths, a visual fault locator (VFL) and an Ethernet cable tester with an integrated remote sensor.

It features a LED flashlight which allows to work in server rooms and in any dark location. It is much smaller than most network measuring tools, making it ideal to work in narrow spaces.

The integrated Ethernet sensor allows to diagnose the proper connection of all the Ethernet cable pins using the device as remote terminal and testing the pins in sequential order.

Featuring an 80 hour battery operation time, a 140 gr weight and an ultra ergonomic design, the Fiber Test UTP will become the preferred and must-have tool for network technicians, IT departments, customer services or even for computer enthusiasts.

Calibrated wavelengths 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625, 1650 nm
Measurement margin From -70 dBm to +6 dBm
Detected frequencies 270 Hz / 330 Hz / 1 kHz / 2 kHz
Measurement modes Normal or based in a user-defined reference value
Wavelength 650 nm ±3 nm
Output power 2 mW (> 2 km)
Output modes CW (continuous), 1 Hz or 2 Hz
Connection The ethernet cable ends are connected to the remote module (included) and to the device
Operating mode Sequential test of each of the 8 wires from the cable
Screen Backlighted LCD screen
Flashlight Included front LED flashlight
Calibration Selectable calibration mode
POWER SUPPLY 3 standard AAA batteries

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