IC-660: EVSE charging station with dynamic power management

IC-660: EVSE charging station with dynamic power management

EVSE charging station for indoor and outdoor with Type-2 plug designed to automatically use the surplus production of the solar panels.

The design of the charging station incorporates a sensor that monitors and prioritizes the energy consumption of the house. The power of the charging station is automatically regulated without exceed the contracted power term, avoiding overloads in the electrical installations of houses and small businesses, while achieving economic savings on the bill.

The IC-660 charging station has been designed to be integrated into electrical installations with solar panels, automatically taking advantage of the surplus of the energy generated.

It is a perfect recharging solution both for indoor and outdoor (it features IP54 protection degrees) as well as for being installed in communal houses, single-family houses or businesses.

  • Up to 8 times faster: Faster and safer than a conventional plug
  • Real-time information: Charging status LED
  • Universal system: Compatible with any brand
  • For indoor and outdoor: Resistant to high temperatures - IP54 rating
  • Cable up to 10 meters: Available in 5 m and 10 m versions
  • Made in Europe: High quality manufacturing

VOLTAGE 220 - 250 VAC (50/60 Hz) single-phase
POWER 7.4 kW
CHARGER Type 2 single-phase

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