IC-610: Test adapter for charging stations

IC-610: Test adapter for charging stations

It allows chacking the EVSE charging stations using electrical installations testers.

The adapter allows you to test charging stations using installation testers such as the IC-600. Just connect one end to the EVSE charging station using a Type-2 plug and the other end to the installation tester.

Thanks to the IC-600 adapter, the installers and maintenance technicians of EVSE charging facilities can verify the functionality and electrical safety using its single-phase and single-phase installation tester. It is designed for testing on Mode-3 equipment. It is possible to test all the charging station status modes and later to create professional station reports.

The IC-610 adapter is designed for testing all kind of EVSE charging stations: Private, semi-private and public.

Measurements on charging stations:

  • Proximity pilot 0-64 A
  • The Control pilot sets the adjustments
  • Line impedance for the charging station
  • Circuit impedance fail for the charging station
  • Functional test of the proximity and control pilots
  • Isolation test for the charging station
  • Single-phase and three-phase charging stations test
  • Single-phase test through the plug
  • CP short error simulation (E status)

Input voltage 400 V (trifásica), 50 Hz CAT II
Test current 267 A (10 ms) intermittent operation
Proximity Pilot (PP) simulation Open circuit (13 A, 20 A, 32 A, 63 A)
Control Pilot (CP) simulation
  • A state (not connected)
  • B state (connected, not charging)
  • C state (charging without ventilation)
  • D state (charging with ventilation)
  • E state (error - CP-to-PE short via diode)
IP Protection grades 40 (protection), 2 (pollution)

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