EA-818: Antenna design and analysis trainer

EA-818: Antenna design and analysis trainer

Educational trainer for the demonstration and practice of measurements with any kind of antennas in the UHF, L, S and ISM bands.

The Antenna Trainer EA-818 is a comprehensive education system designed for teaching, demonstrating and practicing all types of antenna measurements.

The transmission trainer covers UHF, L, S and ISM bands. It includes a software-controlled PLL synthesized Source and Receiver operating up to 4 GHz with a high dynamic range of power transmission. A graphic LCD display with a numeric keypad is used for acquisition and navigation during the experiments.

Practices included in the training system:

  • Field strength variation measurement / inverse square law
  • Antenna reciprocity theorem
  • Radiation diagram of wire antennas
  • Radiation diagram of horn antennas
  • Radiation diagram of reflector antennas
  • Radiation diagram of antennas – networks
  • Radiation diagram of planar antennas (microstrip)
  • Measurement of co-polarization, cross-polarization
  • Measurement of circularly polarized antennas
  • Measurement of front-to-back ratio (F/B) of Yagi antenna
  • Measurement of 3 dB beam width of horn antenna
  • Measurement of the level of the side lobes
  • Comparative study of different types of antennas and their radiation pattern

RF TRANSMITTER PLL synthesizer with built-in VCO
Frequency range 100 MHz, 4 GHz
Power Transmitted - 50 dBm to + 50 dBm
Output impedance 50 Ω, SMA connector
RF RECEIVER Logarithmic detector
Frequency range 100 MHz to 8 GHz
Resolution 0.1 dB
Dynamic Range 65 dB (±3 dB)
Noise level -90 dBm
Impedance 50 Ω , SMA connector
Stepper motor driver 1.8° and 5.4° resolution
Set of 22 Antennas Transmitting and receiving antennas, “classic”, microstrip, horn…
Antenna mounting kit Feet, bases for transmitter and receiver, accessories
Other accessories Software, experiment manual, cables, etc.

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