RM-404: Signal monitoring software

RM-404: Signal monitoring software

Software for monitoring and managing of data obtained from TV EXPLORER II/II+/HD LE/HD/HD+ field strength meter.

The software RM-404 has been designed to take maximum advantage of the new range of TV EXPLORER II/II+/HD LE/HD/HD+ field strength meters and turn them even in a more powerful tool.

This program allows to monitor every measure obtained from the field meter and to store them on a PC, allowing users to:

  • Analyze the performance of the signals as time goes.
  • Control signals through alarms in order to keep them within optimal parameters.
  • Receive any changes on the measuring signals by e-mail.
  • Generates reports with all the measures that is monitoring.
  • Send automatically reports by email.

This software has a wide range of possibilities when analyzing the
different types of signals, both TV (terrestrial and satellite) and pure carrier signals generated externally or by the user.

Analogue PAL BG/DK/I/M, SECAM L/BG/DK, NTSC M, FM, Satellite
Terrestrial Level, C/N, V/A, FM Deviation
Satellite Level, C/N
Terrestrial Power, C/N, MER, CBER, VBER
Satellite Power, C/N, MER, CBER, VBER, LBER
Analogue Level, C/N, V/A
Digital Power, C/N, MER, CBER, VBER, LBER

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