A thermal imaging, thermography or infrared camera is a camera that displays an image of the thermal radiation emitted by a body. PROMAX makes available to all professionals a full range of professional thermal imaging cameras for sectors such as industrial, medical, construction and certification as well as general purpose thermal imaging cameras.

Thermal imaging cameras for industrial servicing

Detection of hot spots in electrical panels, engines and any type of machines. This information can be the key to avoid service interruptions or accidents.

Thermal imaging cameras to detect failures in electronic boards

Detecting hot spots in a circuit board can help us to detect failures and to anticipate operation problems during the design, the manufacturing and the servicing of electronic circuits.


thermal imaging cameras for industrial servicing and detection of failures in electronic boards
Thermal image cameras for human beings location

Searching persons in the darkness

Thermography applied to the rescue or location of human beings by safety experts allows finding persons in the darkness because in general terms living beings have a body temperature higher than the environment temperature.

Construction, plumbing and air conditioned/heating curcuits

Thermal imaging applied to the isolating and energy efficiency allow identifying those points whose poor insulation allows heat loss. Thermal cameras can be used to detect leaks in pipes, dampness, to check heating systems, etc.


Thermal image cameras for air contitioned/heating circuits servicing
Thermal image cameras for prevention of fires at the electric power distribution network

Thermal image cameras for prevention of fires at the electric power distribution network

Early identification of overheating points can help prevent fires, short circuits and hazards to people in electrical distribution networks, industrial electrical installations and subscriber homes.