Satellite communications are essential nowadays in those areas where is technically or economically impractical to deploy data networks of any kind, like terrestrial broadcasting or optical fiber. For example in complex terrain zones, remote areas or research stations located in protected sites..

Tools for DTH satellite antennas installation

PROMAX mini analyzers simplify the labor of the satellite dish installer. The SATHUNTER are pocket-size tools that supply the antennas via RF, they include a spectrum analyzer and they allow aligning the antenna in three steps: Satellite signal detection, Satellite identification and Signal fine-tuning.


Tools for DTH satellite antennas installation
Optical fiber LNB

Optical fiber LNB: A new technology

The LNBs with optical fiber output deliver a signal that is not affected by electromagnetic interferences, and unlike the traditional RF signals it can be transmitted to unbelievably long distances and delivered to a greater number of clients.

PROMAX manufactures and distributes equipment to install optical LNBs, either using signal converters or using signal analyzers with built-in optical fiber input to work with these signals in the same manner than RF broadcasting signals.

TVRO – Televisión Reception Only

Cable TV operators deliver the contents to their headends using satellite communications: This is known as TVRO.

A large proportion of this communication is encrypted, therefore content operators need to use signal analyzer systems which are able to decode the transmissions using Common Interface modules along with their corresponding Smart Cards, such as RANGER Neo analyzers from PROMAX.


Motorized maritime antennas

Equipment for the installation of motorized maritime antennas

TVRO systems (and in a lesser extent, DTH) can use drives that modify the antennas orientation. In this way, the antenna can be dynamically moved to receive several satellites and to keep the satellite-receiver system aligned even when the receiver is in motion. Such is the case of vessels and aircrafts.

RANGER Neo analyzers are compatible with DiSEqC, SatCR (SCD/EN50494) and JESS (SCD2/EN50607) protocols. Therefore they are a valuable tool to check the operation of maritime television antennas, TVRO antennas and DTH antennas as well as the headend equipment compatible with these communication protocols.