Any equipment embedded in professional telecommunications systems must operate 24/7/365. The systems must be fail-safe and here is where PROMAX proven technology makes a difference: The 19” rack versions of the TV and Spectrum analyzers allow a continuous tracking, monitoring and analysis of signals.

State-of-the-art technology applied to measurement and analysis instruments

PROMAX analyzers bring to teleport operators (as well as anyone involved in satellite transmission quality assessment) the vital information they need to ensure proper system operation and performance.


Television mobile units

L-band spectrum analyzers

The spectrum analyzer of PROMAX signal analyzers is the best partner for satellite systems operators. Not only by its specifications (resolution bandwidths from 10 kHz to 1 MHz, high frequency accuracy) but also because of its professional built-in tools: Double measurement marker, trace persistence, dynamic max/min hold, etc.

The spectrum analyzer is just one function…

… Because PROMAX analyzers are truly multifunctional equipment. They are able to take screen captures, dataloggers and they can perform a 24/7 signal monitoring. In addition, they include spectrogram, webserver remote control and SNMP. The all-in-one solution!


PROMAX analyzers are truly multifunctional equipment
Satellite feeds

Satellite feeds continuous monitoring and Internet remote control

PROMAX spectrum analyzers offer remote control, webserver, SNMP compatibility, video streaming capabilities or the possibility to set up alarms for automatic monitoring applications.

Portable versions featuring 4 hours of battery life

The portable versions of PROMAX signal analyzers are equipment focused to the field work. They are lightweight, compact, shock resistant and their battery operation time surpasses the 4 hours.


Portable versions of sifnal analyzers


  • Teleport 24/7 monitoring
  • SNG, VSAT, Flyaway antenna alignment
  • Government and military SATCOM
  • Oil rig & maritime satellite communications
  • Beacon, TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking, and Command) signal location and monitoring
  • Satellite, TV, CATV entertainment systems
  • VSAT system on-site and remote commissioning
  • OB van antenna alignment and signal monitoring