We design tailor-made instrumentation and solutions for government agencies and the supervisory bodies of the radio-electric public domain (RPD). We are committed to tracking, surveilling and over sighting the spectrum as well as in monitoring both proprietary cable television (CATV) networks and all the stages of the satellite television broadcast and reception.

The history of PROMAX is closely linked to the very history of broadcasting in Spain: Our first test equipment certified the operation of television sets when the terrestrial network of repeaters had not yet been fully deployed. Today, PROMAX cooperates in the deployment of digital terrestrial television worldwide and in the task of ensuring effective use of the RPD.

RF monitoring with proprietary technology

PROMAX develops and integrates its own technology in the PROWATCH Neo monitoring systems. These feature the very technological developments that have popularized PROMAX field meters as a benchmark in the world of TV, Cable and Satellite signal analysis.

We design tailor made spectral monitoring solutions

We use proprietary technology, therefore our R+D labs can design solutions with specifications suited to the requirements of the supervisory bodies of the RPD and even custom-designed functions with full flexibility.


Spectral monitoring solutions
Equipment for fixed, portable and mobile monitoring stations

Equipment for fixed, portable and mobile monitoring stations

PROWATCH Neo analysis systems are rack-mounted measurement tools and are designed to be located in fixed measurement stations with 24/7/365 continuous operation, providing remote control via Internet or local network. Area technicians can apply on-site verifications with the portable versions (with up to 5 hours of battery operation time) or with the models designed to be integrated into moving vehicles.


Proactive RF spectrum tracking and monitoring actions

Radio electric signal coexistence is guaranteed thanks to PROMAX solutions. Detect unfair competitor scenarios such as the use of irregular, illegal or pirate emitters. PROMAX monitoring systems allow to verify the use of the RPD by its legitimate right holders.

PROMAX measurement systems include the shoulders analysis tool to locate and measure the effect of the so called “shoulders”. Analyzing and correcting the “shoulders” ensures that a channel will not interfere with the adjacent channels either intentionally or accidentally.



Shoulders analysis
Sistemas de medida para DVB, ISDB-T y ATSC

DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC measurement systems

PROMAX signal analyzers are available for most worldwide television broadcast standards. Our field strength meters allow analyzing DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC signals both for terrestrial systems and for satellite and cable systems.