Television reception installations have been made for many years in such a way that they are able to cover frequencies now assigned to the 5G and 4G bands of the mobile phone networks. Therefore, interference issues resulting from proximity to 5G and 4G base stations or mobile phone handsets are to be expected.

PROMAX TV signal and spectrum analyzers have special functions to help installers measure the level of activity in mobile phone networks frequency bands so that they are able to anticipate potential interference problems.

5G and 4G spectrum analyzers

When a TV distribution system is interfered by a mobile phone cell the use of an LTE filter is recommended. The RANGER Neo field strength meters has a variety of tools that allow you to compare the signal reception quality measurements on digital TV channels with and without the LTE filter.


Evaluar y eliminar las interferencias 5G y 4G

Downlink and Uplink interference

Downlink interference comes from the mobile phone base stations which are placed at fixed locations and are always on. This is not the case of Uplink interference which comes from the handheld devices and therefore it can be a lot more difficult to locate and mitigate.

Analyzers to evaluate and overcome the 5G and 4G interference issues

PROMAX analyzers are factory ready for the 5G and they can be used to guarantee the 700 MHz band is not interfering the regular TV broadcasting reception.