IPTV and OTT are two television content delivery technologies through private networks and the Internet respectively. They are two similar concepts, still they require specialized techniques of measurement and analysis to ensure the proper quality of service (QoS) and to deliver the best quality of experience (QoE) to the user.

PROMAX analyzers are the global solution in test and measurement for IPTV and OTT network operators because they can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot problems on both ends of the network: Both in the signal ingesting headends and at the user end.

The global solution in test and measurement for IPTV and OTT network operators

Ensuring the Quality of Service (QoS)

The tools integrated in the PROMAX analyzers allow to assess the received data quality in the outlets where the decoders (set-top-boxes) are to be connected and to analyze the packet loss.


Analizador IPTV
Experiencia de usuario (QoE)

Ensuring the Quality of Experience (QoE)

Thanks to the performance tests included in the RANGER Neo analyzers it is possible to put the network capacity under test by simulating the actual reception conditions of an IPTV service or a OTT streaming.

An error-free network, with no performance issues, with no packet loss and allowing for an agile bitrate adaptation will ensure a smooth, seamless playback of the streaming services and therefore a high quality user experience (QoE).


Troubleshooting IPTV multicast networks

The Multicast IPTV network operator is the owner of the network down to the decoders. This includes private networks of hotels, convention centers, cable TV networks, etc.

The test and analysis tools for IPTV multicast networks included in the RANGER Neo analyzers show information from the video and audio layers of the stream received from the IPTV headend. They carry out network performance tests as well, to find out the inter arrival packet time or the reception delay. They also include low level tests such as ping, traceroute and Ethernet connectivity logs.


Checking the network capacity and performance for OTT video services

Checking the network capacity and performance for OTT video services

In OTT networks (Over The Top) content is transmitted via the Internet, and therefore the operator cannot control the network in any way. To ensure a continuous, seamless playback of the content, buffering and bitrate adaptation based on the available bandwidth are used.

The latter feature uses different IP content distribution standards such as MPEG-DASH. PROMAX RANGER Neo analyzers include factory presets to have access to URLs of contents hosted in reliable OTT servers in order to verify the network performance in real reception conditions. The OTT operators can set up their customized URLs to verify their own streaming service.

IPTV/OTT meter and content ingest headend analyzer: All in one

Since PROMAX field meters have the capability to analyze RF digital signals (terrestrial, satellite, cable, DVB-ASI), they are ideal for IPTV operators because they also can assure the quality of the links at the headends and they can even be used as continuous RF signal monitoring stations with alarms generation based on signal quality.


IPTV/OTT meter and content ingest headend analyzer