Households nowadays have turned into true datacenters requiring immediate access to the information making use of bandwidths that were unthinkable a few years ago. Residential antennas for DTT, household antennas, WiFi networks, Optical fibre, Cable and Satellite operators, OTT, IPTV, Security cameras and Video intercom systems.

Our analyzers are designed to deploy, service and troubleshoot any kind of household, office and corporate network. We are a global provider of customized solutions to suit any project, standard or budget.

Telecommunications infrastructures and facilities projects

In order to guarantee and certify each new project, having the proper tools is a must because the telecommunications infrastructures are subject to a number of parameters and standards according to the state or regional regulations. The equipment is the key to ensure its compliance.

Communal aerials for digital television

Our TV analyzers are ideal to help technicians and installation companies to ensure the installation, service and maintenance of DTT reception both individual and communal - regardless their size, small or wide.


web control promax
web control promax

Satellite dishes setting up

Detecting problems and interferences is the key to enjoy the wide range of international television and radio channels offered by the satellite reception.

In most cases they are most likely to occur because of damaged installations: Faulty connectors, poor cable shielding or improper amplifiers that in most cases cause saturation. The interferences also have an impact on the phone base stations because they radiate at the same IF frequency (intermediate frequency) of the stations, overlapping their uplink frequencies.

Our analyzers allow to verify the installations meet the statutory parameters. For example the analysis of the FSM electric field allows preventing problems on phone base stations.

Checking CCTV video surveillance cameras and video intercom systems

PROMAX analyzers allow to display the images of the surveillance cameras thus enabling to certificate their proper operation with no need to third party monitors. This way it is possible to ensure the proper operation of security systems in owners communities, public facilities or unique buildings even before the network is fully deployed.


web control promax
web control promax

WiFi networks deployment and troubleshooting

Nowadays, there is a WiFi spot in almost every home, giving access to high speed Internet services but can interfere with other spots in the same household, in the same area or with external signals.

The spectrum analyzer will provide us a good overview of the in-location WiFi status. It also will allow us to identify our Access Points because as we get closer to them the signal strength will increase, and also to identify them by name (SSID or Service Set IDentifier).