Kit PL-10: Connectorisation kit

Kit PL-10: Connectorisation kit

Field connectorisation kit for optical fibre installers.

The PL-10 connectorisation kit is a suitcase containing the most important tools and equipment to perform cost-efficient connections. It is included an optical fiber cleaver and a optical fibre stripper as well as a visual fault locator, microscope, cleaning items, etc. All the necessary elements to ensure getting successful results.

  • Optical fibre cleaver
  • Optical fibre stripper
  • Kevlar® scissors
  • Fibre disposal unit
  • Isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipes (x50)
  • Connector cleaner
  • SC/APC pre-polished connectors
  • Mechanical splicer
  • Mini Visual Laser Source
  • LED headlamp
  • Transport and storage suitcase

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