Easy to use

March 1, 2006.

The TV EXPLORER field strength meter is above all, easy to use. A menu free control system and a symbol-based keyboard allows direct access to most of the functions.

Satellite/Terrestrial and Digital/Analog keys

Just press S/T (satellite/terrestrial) key and D/A (digital/analog) key to change between modes.

The instrument guides you through the functions and at all times the instrument indicates the type of measurement that is being made. I.e.Terrestrial / Satellite (Terrestrial/Satellite selection key) and Analogue / Digital (Analogue/Digital selection key).


The TV EXPLORER includes two new innovative functions designed to make operation easy.


AUTO-IDENTIFICATION: to analyse a channel.


EXPLORER: sweeps the band and detects all channels.

The TV EXPLORER will become a friendly partner in the analysis of networks and its contents.

The basic functions to analyse any signal are:

  • TV Explorer's measurement key  Measurements
  • TV Explorer's Spectrum analyser key  Spectrum analyser
  • TV Explorer's Signal demodulation key  Signal demodulation

Switching through these three functions will provide you with all of the information about the signal under test.

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