FM Peak Deviation measurement function

May 2, 2006.

Now, after including with the PROLINK-4 Premium field strength meter the OP-004 FM option, it is possible to measure the frequency deviation of any FM-modulated carrier. This new function allows monitoring the frequency peak deviation for FM signal carriers.

PROLINK-4 Premium FM Peak Deviation measurement function

This feature has been designed for the test of analogue transmissions, like TV and Radio broadcasting services, and allows to determine the peak deviation, along with the signal level and frequency of the carrier. The measurements are made after applying to the corresponding de-emphasis and expansion filters, being updated in real-time.

FM carrier peak deviation
FM carrier peak deviation.

When the equipment measures according to a standard list of TV channels (Channel Plan), it will test automatically at the sound carrier frequency specified by the TV standard previously selected.

Once this function is activated, the equipment carries out the measurement and display the results with a numerical value and a graphical bar.

If the meter is being used in the frequency-tuning mode (FM band), it directly makes the measurement at the frequency selected.

Frequency tuning (FM band)
Frequency tuning. FM band.

The deviation peaks appear on the screen in order to observe if they overpass the limit suitable for both, the receiver and the transmitter in a transmission system.

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