May 2, 2006.

The RP-200 pilot generator has been designed to test cable networks and their associated devices. It generates reference signals for band equalisation of both downstream and upstream channels.

Testing return path and forward path with RP-200 pilot generator
Testing return path and forward path with RP-200 pilot generator

Full band

The RP-200 pilot generator is able to provide up to four continuous wave (CW) signals in the band from 5 to 900 MHz. This allows to test line or line sections and devices in both the forward and the return band.

Using CATV analysers such as PROMAX-10 Premium or PROMAX-8 Premium in conjunction with RP-200 pilot generator, level differences can be adjusted with the TILT function.

Low-level harmonics

Output level can be selected from 90 to 110 dBmV and independently for each carrier. The level of harmonics is -60 dB and therefore produces no interference into adjacent channels. It is an ideal equipment to install new lines and to test existing ones. The equipment is battery operated which makes it appropriate for testing trunk amplifiers.

Remote control (Web Server)

RP-200 allows the control of the equipment through a PC connected to a local area network. It's possible to access the Web Server using a browser and program any frequency or level value.

RP-200 Remote control (Web server)
RP-200 Remote control (Web server)
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