PROMAX-26 TV Cable and Data Analyser

April 3, 2006.

PROMAX-26 DOCSIS analyserPROMAX-26 is an analyser for the installation, configuration and maintenance of video and high speed data interactive services over Cable TV networks based on the EuroDOCSIS and DOCSIS 2.0 standard. Also it allows the qualification of VoIP services.


The equipment can be used in two operation modes; registered and non-registered mode.

In the 'non-registered' mode the PROMAX-26 shows important parameters, as they are the attenuation in the return band, the frequency, MER, constellation IQ or channel power.

In the "registered mode" it is possible to identify our equipment in the network and to obtain more detailed data about the packet transmission.


The Acquisition function lets users create and store a number of measurement acquisitions in memory. The measurements obtained may be checked, transferred to a PC or printed at any time.

Measures for Downstream link:

  • Measure of the channel power
  • Evaluation of quality: MER and BER
  • Constellation diagram
  • Power levels for a band of frequencies
  • Frequency, channel and active channel plan
  • Modulation type and symbol rate

Measures for upstream link:

  • Power level check
  • Attenuation at CMTS
  • Frequency and bandwidth
  • Modulation and symbol rate
  • Communications test

Measures for Communications Test (Registered mode):

  • IP report
  • Ping test
  • Ratio of lost packets
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