A new patent has been awarded to PROMAX

February 1, 2002.

A new patent has been awarded to PROMAX. This patent consists of a method for the automatic identification of a channel type (Digital or Analogue), as well as the automatic configuration of the system to measure it.

On the official bulletin of the Industry Property of December 16th 2001, it is published the definitive concession of Patent Nº 9902178/1 to PROMAX so called “AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF DIGITAL AND/OR ANALOGUE TELEVISION SIGNALS”.

This patented procedure is now included in our Signal Level Meters, specially suited for instruments in Digital Terrestrial Television applications.

This is the second patent awarded to PROMAX in 2001. Previously, we where awarded Patent Nº 9901632 for “PROCEDURE FOR THE IDENTIFICATION AND EXTRACTION OF THE INFORMATION IN DVB CHANNELS AND DVB CHANNEL IDENTIFIER” . The patent consist of the different stages needed to detect, capture and extract the different packages that contain the information for the identification of Digital DVB Television Signals and the analysis of the information so to identify its source and the services included on the transponder. This procedure is currently being applied to our analyser and Signal Level Meters for Digital TV and to the “Satellite Hunter” PRODIG-1.

With the concession of this new patent, PROMAX has now been awarded more than 20 National and International patents.

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