Radio-electric spectrum re-location

March 1, 2006.
WiFi analyser PROFI-70

Facilitates the re-location of the radio-electric spectrum

Using the PROFI-70 wireless networks analyser when installing and setting up the different network access points, will easy its planning. It gives the installer information on how to best distribute the frequencies and the transmitted channels within the ISM band. In this way, it will be possible to control and stop congestion of certain channels due to the concentration of Wi-Fi stations.

The SCAN function that sweeps the band is a very powerful tool. It allows a graphical representation for the complete spectrum of the band. The analysis of this screen will make it possible to anticipate potential problems that occur when increasing the simultaneous traffic of signals. This is an important test due to the incessant increase in number of interconnected stations or the possible occasional interferences of other signals that operate in the ISM band such as DECT telephones, household appliances like microwave ovens, etc.

Band scanning
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