Key factors that make ATLAS NG broadcast analyzer a multidisciplinary equipment

June 5, 2023.

ATLAS NG is the very first television signal analyzer whose features and functions make it appropriate to service all the areas of the transmission chain: Studios, broadcasting centers, OB vans and final user outlets.

It can be used anywhere in the world

It analyzes the most popular broadcasting systems: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2 including QAM and ISDB-T/Tb with no need of installing additional modules. Furthermore, the ATSC 3.0 compatibility is included as standard. ATSC 3.0 is the new television standard which is called to revolutionize the diffusion of contents.


All the technologies in a single instrument

It supports all the signals used in broadcast studios: IPTV, ASI, 3G-SDI and 1 PPS/10 MHz clock signal reference. It also includes optical fibre and USB 3.0 external storage compatibility, which allows to record transport streams on-the-fly.


Further and faster

Now it is possible to decode 4K (as a factory-default feature) and to run several functions at once with no loss of performance: Constellation diagram, transport stream analysis... And to run simultaneously an ultra-fast 6 GHz spectrum analyzer.

Sweep speed of the built-in spectrum analyzer in PROMAX ATLAS NG field strength meters.

Shielded from RF interferences

ATLAS NG signal analyzers from PROMAX can be used near of repeaters or telephony base stations because they have an integral protection that immunizes the device from radiofrequency interferences..

Shielded from RF interferences

Triple, certified measurement accuracy

During the production line of the field strength meters, at PROMAX we apply an individual frequency and level calibration to each and every unit to compensate the error margins that may produce the electronic parts.

Later on, during its regular use in working environments, the internal software applies an algorithm that compensates the measurements to correct the error that may induce the thermal changes the electronic will deal with.

PROMAX field strength meters are frequency and level calibrated, and temperature compensated
PROMAX field strength meters are frequency and level calibrated, and temperature compensated

During its lifespan, the analyzer has to deal with hits and adverse environmental conditions that have an impact on its electronics, thus increasing the measurement error margins. This is why we at PROMAX recommend to annually recalibrate the field strength meters and we provide the calibration certificate so that we guarantee the reliability of the measurements.


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