Five thoughts on the current scenario of fiber optics

July 5, 2022.

1. The world is becoming more connected. The telecommunications sector remains key

The relevance of the Internet grows every day, and the telecommunications sector will continue to grow and evolve because the good management of its infrastructure is essential to maintain our current lifestyle. Professions and specializations will evolve.

The world is becoming more connected.
The world is becoming more connected.

2. The fiber optic industry is rising

For some time, large urban centers have been enjoying universal access to fiber optic networks from different providers. However, there is one pending matter: Wiring the smallest towns and rural areas as well as the deploying and servicing of networks in those buildings that are currently investing in an internal infrastructure of optical fiber. .

These factors suggest that the fiber optic industry will continue to rise in the coming years. It is not too late to train and acquire skills as a fiber optic installer.

Since the late 1990s, in PROMAX we have collaborated in national projects developing equipment that has allowed to deploy the optical networks that we are enjoying todayy.

3. There is an increasing knowledge about fiber measuring equipment such as OTDRs

In 2022 many professionals are more than familiar with the use (or at least with the existence) of instruments that a few years ago were unknown, such as, for instance, OTDRs. This equipment allows to locate faults in the optical networks as they pass through connectors, basins, sewerage, buildings internal networks, infrastructures such as railways, etc.

RPROMAX optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR) - PROLITE series
PROMAX optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR) - PROLITE series.



4. Manufacturers must provide added value through Technical Service

Professional instrumentation for field use requires at least one visit during its lifetime to the technical services: Calibrations, repairs... and if we talk about fiber optic fusion machines, deep cleanings to eliminate the residues they accumulate during their use and that could affect their operation.

So, when we talk about professional instrumentation, it is essential for manufacturers to have their own fast-response technical service. This extends the equipment lifecycle, and it is an important factor to consider beyond the purchase price.




5. The importance of training

In recent years, fiber optic on-demand television has become so popular that it would seem that OTA television and the coaxial cable infrastructure could become obsolete ... and with them, the figure of the aerial installer?

However, the future points in another direction: Coaxial cable is destined to complement fiber optics because standards under development such as DVB-I are looking to distribute higher-quality television services in the 5G band using the existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

This means that, if both technologies (optical and coaxial) are destined to complement each other, professionals such as aerial installers will need to train themselves to expand their skills and provide service to both technologies. The coaxial infrastructure will not become obsolete, but will evolve.

Consequently, the same will happen with the figure of the aerial installer: Training is the key.

It's telling that during the successive digital dividends we have been filtering the mobile phone bands, but at some point we may need to go back to allow the 5G band to be transmitted through the coax cable.

So, what about the equipment?

Like all professional measuring equipment, fiber optic instruments and tools must be durable and provide reliable measurements under multiple conditions. Both in field work and for indoor use, for example during the training of fiber optic installation technicians.

That is why PROMAX includes in its catalog easy to use tools and accessories that are valid both for training and for professional environments or fiber optic consultancies.

Light sources Light sources
Designed specifically for FTTH installers, they work with the wavelengths used in North America for FTTH services.

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Optical fibre fusion splicers Optical fibre fusion splicers
The fusion splicer is an essential field-work equipment to deploy FTTH optical networks. It includes basic accessories for fibre cutting and stripping.

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Optical power meters Optical power meters
Specific field meters for fibre optics, perfect for FTTH. Its solid construction offers a long lifetime.

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Optical instruments for the characterisation of optical fibres, essential for the maintenance and repair of telecommunications networks.

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Optical fibre accessories Optical fibre accessories
Essential elements to cut, splice and fuse optical fibres with safety and guarantee, for FTTH installers.

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Optical fibre measurement kits Optical fibre measurement kits
Fibre instrumentation designed for FTTH installers, and set of consumables for installers who already have a fusion splicer.

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