Cost-effective teleport monitoring

January 28, 2022.

Satellite teleports are often, in the eyes of the visitor, impressive facilities: A wide field of huge antennas, a cutting-edge control center...

Each one of those antennas is responsible of a great number of uplink and downlink signals that feed the studios and transmission centers of entire countries. Many of those signals are critical because they will be distributed, in maximum quality, to the transmission centers and ultimately to the audience in their homes. A small failure in the LNB of any antenna means a service interruption for thousands of users.


How the signal quality in a teleport is guaranteed?

There are several sizes of teleports. Some of them with dozens of antennas, other are smaller and transport a few signals. In any case, the transmission and the reception qualities must be guaranteed..

We often assume that a system to track the quality of all those signals is quite expensive because it must receive and demodulate a a mixture of channels to be displayed in a large videowall. When a signal is down, the operator is aware because its picture disappears in the videowall. Then, the operator must take the proper actions to detect the failure. The most advanced centers have sophisticated automated systems to carry on the surveying.

Emissions control center
Emissions control center - © 2022 Sisvatec Servicios Audiovisuales

The cost effective alternative for the teleports monitoring

PROMAX proposes a truly cost-effective teleport monitoring system based in two products developed with proprietary technology:

  • PROWATCH monitoring system, which monitors the quality of the signals received/sent and instantly detects the failure of a transponder or its interferences.
  • CompactMax transmodulators. Satellite to digital terrestrial television or IPTV transmodulators that, used in a teleport, they allow to display the received signals in standard TV sets, whose installation and maintenance costs are significantly lower than a videowall.

16 inputs or 8 inputs? PROWATCH Neo systems support several configurations to suit any requirement
16 inputs or 8 inputs? PROWATCH Neo systems support several configurations to suit any requirement

This is how we reduce costs and complexity in teleports management

Cost-effective teleport monitoring

Once the PROWATCH Neo monitoring system is configured to meet the specific customer's needs, explores all the signals present at the antennas sequentially at a high rate. Each device features up to 16 inputs, therefore each unit allows to analyze a great number of signals. In addition, the whole system can be controlled by an SNMP manager such as Dataminer making easier the management of the teleport users.

The CompactMax transmodulator receives the multiplexfrom the satellite dish LNB and packs them into a terrestrial television MUX (DVB-T, DVB-T2 or ISDB-T) that is sent via RF to standard TV sets so that each one can display a service. This philosophy dramatically reduces the costs and the complexity of the traditional videowall system. CompactMax transmodulators also allow to repack the services in TSoIP to keep the compatibility with videowalls.


Generating and receiving quality alarms

Once the PROMAX PROWATCH Neo monitoring systemsfrom PROMAX are configured, they operate totally unattended. Every time a problem arises, the system sends an e-mail alert to the administrator or administrators.

PROWATCH Neo systems send alerts via Internet logging the signal drops or the events set by the administrators
PROWATCH Neo systems send alerts via Internet logging the signal drops or the events set by the administrators

In practice, sending and logging alerts should make no longer necessary to watch the broadcast of every channel, since the picture is not required to find out when an where there is a problem. Nevertheless, this visual reference is still important because it provides an invaluable visual aid.

Remote control from anywhere in the world

Additionally, the monitoring systems can be remotely controlled. This means that it is not necessary to be physically in the teleport 24/7 to launch the RF and Transport Stream analysis tools. From any location, the manager can find the cause of any signal disruption.

When a failure occurs, the information provided by tools like the constellation, the TS tables analysis or a diagram of the TS bitrate per service can be truly valuable. For those applications, the PROWATCH Neo systems feature the so called Console tool that enables the user to manage the equipment remotely in the exact same way as if you were physically in front of the device.


  • The system is designed to allow one user per session.
  • When exiting, please release the system by clicking the button CONFIG > LOGOUT to let other users to log in.
  • Password is Password (case-sensitive).
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