PRODIG-1: Satellite Hunter

January 2, 2002.

The arrival of Digital TV has boosted the installation of Direct To Home satellite TV systems. The continuous release of new packages or services and the low cost fees required demand for equipment and tools to make the installation easier, faster and more reliable.

PRODIG-1: Satellite Hunter

The PRODIG-1 Satellite Hunter is an easy to use instrument and, above all, very reliable since it is identifying the service and the satellite. The PRODIG-1 is continuously processing the data received from the satellite thus presenting to the user only those relevant results so to avoid any human error in the process of aligning a satellite dish.

Once the satellite or service to install is located and identified, the instrument can measure the Bit Error Rate, that is to say, a first approach to the quality of the digital signal. It is simply measured according to the threshold suggested by DVB. It is always possible to program the default thresholds by the user of the PRODIG-1, so to ensure a correct reception of the service under changing environmental conditions. In the same way, the PRODIG-1 permits to adjust the SNR based also on DVB standards with such sensitivity that accounts for variations of as low as 1 degree.

Considering the outdoors working condition, subject to sudden weather changes, small strokes and other aspects, the instrument has been constructed with a hard ABS structure and a totally waterproof front panel. The PRODIG-1 has an replaceable input connector and a protective waist cover bag that allows you a handfree operation of the dish. The unit comes equipped with a Li+ battery that gives you two continuous hours of operation powering the LNB and it only takes one hour to fully charge with a power cable or your cigarette car lighter.

The instrument is pre-set for the most usual satellites in the area but, it can be re-programmed at any time to any other configuration with the software and PC connection cable provided with the instrument.

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