PROMAX signal analyzers and the television production trucks

September 8, 2021.

PROMAX panoramic screen signal analyzers for outside broadcast vans (OB Vans) and production trucks make use of the same technology than portable signal analyzers: They are fail-safe, energy-efficient and low heat emission devices. These are three of the key features required for the equipment to be integrated in field production mobile units.

PROMAX television signal meters and spectrum analyzers can be readily integrated in the “OB Van” production trucks and vans. They have transport stream analysis capabilities, spectrum monitoring and they are compatible with the most spread television standards both for satellite, cable and terrestrial.

Solutions for OBvans, SNG and Flyaway integration


Panoramic display spectrum analyzer for SNG

The high resolution of the RANGER Neo spectrum analyzer will allow you to continuously monitor the RF spectrum and to locate the satellite Beacon signals. The high resolution and outstanding spectrum speed of the spectrum analyzer are perfect to be used in SNG (Signal News Gathering) mobile units.

Locate the satellite Beacon signals
Locate the satellite Beacon signals

Fail-safe systems

The rack-mounted RANGER Neo spectrum analyzers integrate the same technology used by PROMAX in our portable equipment: They are prepared to keep a high measurement accuracy even in adverse weather conditions.

This feature, applied to the rack versions of the equipment, turns them into uniquely reliable measurement systems because they keep the same accuracy no matter the conditions the production vehicle is exposed and they can even operate in areas uncovered by the cooling systems.


IP remote control - Less workload for the engineer

The RANGER Neo remote control is factory-installed as standard and enables them to be controlled from a web browser. The broadcast engineer can monitor their operation from anywhere in the world while the mobile production vehicle operator deals with other equipment in the broadcast system.

IP remote control

Embedded measurement and monitoring systems

When it comes to continuously monitor the transmission signal quality, uplink and SNG engineers can find in PROMAX systems the ideal solution.

The spectral monitoring technology integrated in the PROWATCH Neo can store a raw RF samples history which is critical to find, trace and solve problems. It is possible to go back and forward in time several hours, days and months according to the specified configuration thus accessing thousands of samples of the RF spectrum stored in the internal memory

Embedded measurement and monitoring systems

Very low power requirements and heat generation

Since PROMAX rack measurement solutions are based in the portable signal analyzers technology (offering up to 5 hours of battery operation time), the power requirement of PROMAX systems is highly optimized and the heat generation is minimal. This is perfect to minimize the requirements of cooling and power supplying.


Long life time

A broadcast outside van lifecycle is 5 to 10 years at least. Since PROMAX measurement and broadcast signal monitoring systems integrate the latest available technologies, their lifecycle goes beyond the minimum required requirements in the design of production trucks and broadcast vans.

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