DVB-S2 Multistream: Converting from ROOT to GOLD PLS codes

May 18, 2021.

As part of the DVB-S2 standard it is possible to broadcast several transport streams using a single satellite radio frequency channel. This is used by several television operators mainly to optimize cost.

From a reception stand point a compatible receiver is able to identify and extract each of the transport streams contained in the RF channel if supplied with the proper configuration data, namely...

  • ISI identifier.
  • PLS code which can be GOLD or ROOT.

If both codes are properly supplied, those transport streams can then be processed normally.

Free GOLD to ROOT converter
ROOT to GOLD / GOLD to ROOT conversor

What is the ISI identifier?

ISI stands for Input Stream Identifier. When several transport streams are merged into a multistream, each of them is identified by its ISI identifier. A receiver must know the ISI for each transport stream in order to be able to recover it.

What is the PLS code?

Physical Layer Scrambling or PLS is used in DVB-S2 as a form of low level encryption. A receiver will be unable to operate on a channel unless it is provided with the correct PLS code for that channel which can be Gold or Root.

What are the GOLD and ROOT codes?

The PLS code can be Gold or Root. In the world of mathematics they are two different types of binary sequence which have been widely used in telecommunications due to their particular properties. For us earthlings they are simply two ways to enter a PLS.

Converting from GOLD to ROOT/ ROOT to GOLD

Sometimes receivers do not accept both code types so it is helpful to be able to convert one to the other. Unfortunately this is not easy with pen and paper so we leave you this handy online code converter from Gold to Root or from Root to Gold:

Free GOLD to ROOT converter

How to decode and measure multistream services

Multistream services are available in DVB-T2, DVB-C2, DVB-S2 standards, which are readily available in all PROMAX RANGER analyzers both for decoding and measuring.

Measuring and decoding DVB-S2 multistream

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