Spectrum monitoring

July 1, 2005.

PROWATCH DEIDE (version II) is designed for the detection, automatic identification and monitoring of signals in the 5 to 2150 MHz range with remote control capabilities. Thanks to the remote control capabilities several PROWATCH devices can work independently from each other and be operated from a single control centre even if the remote device is located thousands of kms away from the control centre.

It is also possible to tune a remote channel (audio or video) and transfer it through the network by means of Video Streaming and VoIP technologies.

PROWATCH DEIDE - rack option

The equipment is available in rack and portable lockable suitcase formats, allowing a permanent and automatic control of the radio spectrum

Applications of PROWATCH-DEIDE system

  • Real time control of the complete spectrum.
  • Detection and identification of legal carriers and unauthorised (illegal) transmissions.
  • Control of the reception quality of the broadcast signal on the basis of predefined limits.
  • Cost reduction and increased efficiency in the monitor and prosecution of illegal transmission by centralisation of the control system.
  • Support to television and radio broadcasters during migration from analogue to digital.
  • Legal prosecution evidence of illegal transmitting stations in specific or sensitive areas.

Remote, local or manual control?

The system offers the possibility to choose the remote control option. The system then connects to another PROWATCH via internet or TCP/IP protocol. Thus low quality signal or illegal transmission alarms are received having full 100% control even if the remote device is located thousands of kms away from the control centre.

A GPS receiver is integrated in the PROWATCH to allow for association between measurements, generation of alarms and geographical locations.

VoIP and Video Streaming

It is possible to access the service list of a digital multiplex and select the desired program. Broadcast programmes can be viewed and listened to via the built-in display and loudspeaker.

You can view and listen to the video or audio of any of the channels being tested remotely from any device in the network.

In the remote control mode, it is possible to transmit the audio (VoIP) and the video (Video Streaming) and to supervise it from the control center.

Video Streaming and VoIP transmissions
Video Streaming in remote control mode

Identification of the carriers detected in the band

Following a colour code in the graph it is very easy to know the total number of channels in the band, the occupied channels and those with problems (unidentified transmission, low reception quality, etc).

Identification of the carriers detected in the band
Identification of the carriers detected in the band
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