Television e-learning during the pandemic

February 16, 2021.

PROMAX TV analyzers can be remotely controlled over the Internet to do e learning online classes, which makes them a unique-in-its-kind teaching tool and an ally of the telecommunications systems teachers. Also, since they accept all broadcasting technologies, they themselves play the role of a complete grade.

The ideal scenario for a class would be one analyzer per student, but...

... actually, the lack of budget makes it difficult achieving that stage in the TV workshop and there is only a single analyzer available for the whole class.

In addition, in times of pandemic, it is difficult to generate enthusiasm in students for the topics. Classes are often by videoconference and students get distracted. From this point of view, face-to-face classes are much better.

It is usual for the telecommunications systems workshops to have just one analyzer for the whole class
It is usual for the telecommunications systems workshops to have just one analyzer for the whole class

The solution for online classes: Remotely controlling the TV analyzer

Here at PROMAX, we have developed a perfect solution for training that we have included by default in most of our RANGER Neo TV analyzers: Using the remote control console of the devices.

The remote console allows the student to control the analyzer from the desk in the workshop... or from home via the Internet to do all types of practices.

E learning with PROMAX analyzers

The remote control console is a mirror of the equipment’s front view including its keyboard and its screen. It allows using the mouse (in computers) or the touch screen (in tablets or smartphones) in the same way that we would if we had the analyzer in our hands. Even the touch screen of the device is also tactile on our computer. Therefore, the instrument behaves the same being in the comfort of the home sofa (or in the usual study area of the student) as being in the school's TV lab.



What can be done with the remote control console?

Everything. Anything executed in the remote control console is executed in the physical device: Activating the 18 V LNB supply activates it in the meter in the workshop; analyzing an IPTV signal makes the device switch to the IPTV input, etc. In short, the console is a unique-in-its-kind teaching tool. Allowing to record and print screens, reports, etc.

The remote control console allows you to remotely control the device or display the screen of the physical equipment to keep an eye on the result of its manipulation
The remote control console enables you remotely controlling the device and working as if you were in front of it. It can also be used to display the screen of the physical equipment and to keep an eye on the result of its manipulation

Of course this also works in the opposite direction: The result of any manipulation on the physical device appears on the remote control screen in real time. If we select the spectrum, we see it; if we select the constellation, we see it; if we decode the signal, we see it in real time on the screen of the device displayed on our tablet...


Organizing the online classes with the TV analyzers

The measurement device must be connected to the broadcasting signals under study and also to the computer network via cable or WiFi. This is a trivial step however some computing knowledge may be required to open the ports thus making the instrument accessible from outside the network.

And finally the most important step: Generating the timetable to distribute the time among the students who will remotely control the equipment from their homes to do their practices. The teacher should take the (remote) control of the equipment after each practice to put it in the appropriate power-up conditions for the next student to do the practice.

Timetable example to perform the online classes
Timetable example to perform the online classes

For more educational material please visit the PROMAX YouTube channel to find more than two hours of video tutorials which are a perfect supplement to learn to analyze and understand the signals and functions of the TV and Spectrum analyzer.


Which PROMAX analyzers can be remotely controlled?

The remote control console is a factory-default function in the most advanced RANGER Neo TV and Spectrum analyzers:


Courses suggested by PROMAX

BASIC E LEARNING COURSE. Suggested topics:

  • Spectrum. How to manage and interpret it.
  • Basic measurements over TV: Terrestrial and Satellite:
    • Signal quantity measurements:
      • Digital power.
      • Analogue level (TV, FM).
    • Signal quality measurements:
      • MER and Constellation.
      • CBER
      • VBER
      • Echoes
  • Working with channel plans.
  • Datalogger and installations management.
  • Reports.
  • Aligning a satellite dish.
  • CCTV cameras measurement.
  • Netupdate: Software for management and updates.


  • New technologies:
    • 4k and 8k.
    • IPTV.
    • OTT.
    • WiFi.
    • LTE 4G and 5G.
      • LTE measurements and measurements of LTE interference on TV.
      • The generic demodulator.
    • DAB.
    • Optical fibre. FTTH.
  • Advanced measurements:
    • Measures over TS (Transport Stream), tables and bitrates.
    • Measurements on electric field (V/m).
    • Basic monitoring.
    • Drive Test and coverage.
    • Remote control of the equipment.
    • Continuous monitoring.
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