Solutions for Broadcast, Signal coverage and FSM

March 19, 2020.

PROMAX is a provider of standardized, flexible and also customized solutions to wireless infrastructure operators, developed in our R+D labs with our own proprietary, proven technology.

PROMAX broadcast systems contribute to the development of the information society both at the government agencies level whose are in charge of surveying the RF spectrum and to the content generation media groups and even at the level of small private television networks deployed in unique buildings, convention centers, ships, corporate headquarters, hospitals, etc.

Deployment of wireless telecommunications networks

The spectral analysis tools included in PROMAX field strength meters are the key for the site survey analysis aimed to find out the best location for the broadcast centers that provide coverage to the population centers.


Antenna field

Legal compliance

PROMAX provides dipole antennas to perform field strength measurements to measure electromagnetic exposure levels. The K factor tables are readily provided to be loaded in our analyzers so that the device can apply the appropriate corrections and can acquire corrected measurements.

PPS synchronism signal

PROMAX TV and spectrum analyzers can optionally include the 1 PPS signal to be synchronized to the Pulse Delay Signal (sync signal) and analyze the Network Delay over which the transmitting centers of a broadcasting network operate.

The network delay enables estimating the time margin available for a transmitter from when it receives an information packet until it must be broadcasted, providing a measurement of the network performance and how near is the transmitter to lose packets.

PPS signal

Television modulators and transmodulators

PROMAX also designs television modulators and transmodulators with the output quality of a professional broadcast modulator. They are suitable both for content generators and for medium sized networks in headquarters, hospitals, ships and local television networks.



Frequency planning and signal coverage tools

The signal coverage solutions from PROMAX allow analyzing wide areas (drive test analysis) with absolute safety because our systems are equipped with long-lasting batteries and also can be supplied via aux power. Data can be displayed on Google Earth, Microsoft Excel or CSV using free conversion tools developed by PROMAX.

Signal coverage

Radiofrequency networks planning

Frequency planning engineers have an ally in PROMAX signal analyzers because they are available both in a portable format (with more than 4 hours of battery operation time) and in rack format perfect to be mounted in surveillance, analysis and monitoring mobile units.


DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC measurement systems

PROMAX signal analyzers are available for most worldwide television broadcast standards. Our field strength meters allow analyzing DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC signals both for terrestrial systems and for satellite and cable systems.

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PROMAX is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement systems, broadcast and TV signal distribution equipment. Our product lines include measuring instruments for cable TV, satellite TV, broadcast, wireless and fibre optics networks, FTTH and GPON analyzers. DVB-T modulators, IP streamers or IP converters (ASI, DVB-T) are among the company’s latest developments.