Four FREE new features for the RANGER Neo analyzers – just by updating the firmware

November 8, 2019.

File Manager

It displays all the information stored in the meter’s internal memory (or in an USB external storage drive), organized in tree structure. Resources are grouped by folder: antenna profiles, captured spectrum traces, channel plans, dataloggers, screenshots, recorded transport streams, etc. Depending on the resource chosen, it is possible to display, open and/or edit the file.

You can upload files to the meter just by just dragging them from the PC and dropping them to the File Manager. It is possible as well to download either single files or full folders in ZIP file format.

Channel plan editor

Even though you can create channel plans by using the “Explore Channel Plan” feature on the meter, in some occasions it may be more interesting to manually create a channel plan from scratch, specifying each channel frequency and standard. This is now possible from the Channel Plan Editor area.

Moreover, it is possible to easily share those newly created channel plans among different meters given that you can import them to and export them from their Webserver’s File Manager area.

Report generator

Measurement reports are essential tools to certify installations. They can be generated from stored dataloggers with no hassle as ready for print documents.

You only need to select the datalogger which we need to create a report from, add any authorship information if required, and next the webserver will create a PDF file that can be downloaded and printed right away.

Watch DAB/DAB+ slideshows and listen to DAB/DAB+ and FM radio

You can listen to DAB/DAB+ digital radio services (optionally) as well as analog FM radio from a remote PC by using the analyzer Webserver tool.

Slideshows are still frames that are sent at a rate defined by the radio station as a means of extra multimedia information and it is shown in several menus in the analyzer

Besides, DAB/DAB+ radio can also be watched. In DAB/DAB+ digital radio technology, the broadcasted radio services are accompanied by slideshows which display album covers, artist pictures, traffic and weather forecast information, etc.


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