DVB-T receiver testing system

July 1, 2005.

DVB-T Receiver Test SystemWe presented a solution for testing of DVB-T digital terrestrial television receivers and systems. In addition to the multistandard analogue signal modulated in Vestigial Side Band from 35 to 900 MHz, the system provides a digital DVB-T signal of selectable quality, essential to verify the margins of operation of the receivers.

The GV-999 modulator provides COFDM signal in any UHF or VHF channel.

MO-170 Digital TV Modulator

It allows the adjustment of the signal parameters, such as the modulation type 2-4-8k, the constellation QPSK or 16/64 QAM, the code rate, etc. It also allows the generation and adjustment of different quality signals so to check the response of the systems under test.

The input signal can be accepted in either ASI series or SPI parallel format. Using the GV-998 generator, it makes a complete and independent testing set denominated GV-999.

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