5G interferences measurement equipment

September 13, 2019.

PROMAX analyzers are compatibles with the Second Digital Dividend (5G). No need to update the firmware! HD RANGER and RANGER Neo field strength meters are factory ready for the 5G and they can be used to guarantee the 700 MHz band is not interfering the regular TV broadcasting reception.

TV and Spectrum analyzers for the second dividend digital
RANGER field strength meters from PROMAX are factory ready with 5G. They do not need after-sales firmware updates

“LTE ingress test” function for 5G and 4G

With the LTE Ingress Test function you can check whether the LTE filters in a coax wiring installation are effective or not. This can be done for 4G bands and also for 5G bands.

El Test de interferencia LTE se puede utilizar en la banda de frecuencias del 5G sin necesidad de actualizar el firmware del medidor de campo PROMAX
LTE Ingress Test can be used in the 5G frequency band with no need of updating the firmware of PROMAX analyzer

This tool encloses and analyzes the mobile telephony frequency band, to compare the MER and the Power of a digital terrestrial television channel before and after installing the LTE filter.

How to use the HD RANGER or RANGER Neo analyzer in the 5G frequency bands

It is interesting to point out that the LTE Ingress Test function allows the user to adjust the frequency band under analysis.

That way, even the LTE Ingress Test function is set by default to analyze the 4G band (795 to 862 MHz), it can be adjusted to the frequency bands of the second digital dividend (694 to 790 MHz).

Adjusting the frequency band under analysis in the LTE Ingress Test for the 5G
Adjusting the frequency band under analysis in the LTE Ingress Test for the 5G

¿How to adjust the frequency band to the 5G? Just open the PREFERENCES menu (long press Folder key), go to the UTILITIES tab and set the Maximum and Minimum frequencies for the LTE filter to 694 and 790 MHz respectively.

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