Tool for Drive Test and Benchmarking: KML Generator

September 4, 2019.

Engineering services and telecommunications operators running Drive Test measurements, Network optimizations, Walk test and Service quality analysis can now take profit of the ability of PROMAX analyzers to perform signal coverage analysis of television broadcasting centers.

Now, with the KML Generator utility, there are much more options to generate 3D signal coverage maps, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and CSV files to export them to databases or third party applications.

A signal coverage analysis generated with KML Generator

In a drive test analysis a technician goes all over the area covered by an emitter, gathering measurements of its signal reception and storing their geographical location via GPS. Data is studied or/and depicted on a map to certify the proper signal reception, locate shaded areas, illegal broadcasters, etc.

Display a signal coverage analysis in a 3D map

By using KML Generator it is possible to convert the data of a drive test analysis generated using a PROMAX analyzer to a Google Earth compliant format. This application allows displaying the measurements over a 3D map and visually locating the points having a poor reception quality.

Google Earth Map generated using KML Generator

Display a signal coverage analysis in Microsoft Excel

By using KML Generator it is also possible to directly create Microsoft Excel files in order to analyze the data captured during the drive test with all the benefits of a spreadsheet.

KML Generator can generate a graph comparing the measurement of all the channels, making easier for technicians to locate the points with better and worse reception quality.

It is available the option to automatically format the worksheets cells so they become print-friendly and the document can be used as a measurement report. Just one click away!

Microsoft Excel document rendered by KML Generator
Microsoft Excel document rendered by KML Generator: The cell styling and the graph have been generated automatically, therefore the document is print-friendly and it can be used as a measurement report.

Display a signal coverage analysis in CSV format

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a raw data universal interchange format. CSV files are plain, unformatted text files. Most office and data base software can deal with CSV.

Because of KML Generator can export the drive test data to CSV, the raw data can be imported and adapted to any analysis software, database, etc.

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Signal coverage analysis map. Clicking on a test point displays all of its measurements in detail.

What can be done with KML Generator?

  • Drawing a drive test analysis over a 3D map
    • Displaying data in Google Earth (requires installing Google Earth).
    • Converting measurements to KML or KMZ formats.
    • Compatible with channel plan signal coverage analysis.
    • Customizable legend with information about the analyzer used and the date/time of the analysis.
    • Possibility of multiple color scales to depict the reception quality: Gradients, PASS/FAIL mode or solid colors.
    • Test points can be depicted as placemarks of customizable style.
    • Test points can be depicted as 3D graphs, with proportional height to the reception quality: Bars or traces.
    • Test points can be depicted as color lines, colored proportionally to the reception quality.
    • Tagging the first point of the analysis.
    • Creating paths to identify and store the route of the drive testing.
    • Clicking on a test point rolls out a tooltip displaying all the measurements.
  • Exporting data to Microsoft Excel
    • All data in a single sheet.
    • Multiple sheets, one per channel, showing all its details.
    • A graph can be created automatically.
    • Cell styling to create a print-friendly document.
  • Raw data exporting to CSV
    • Plain text format to allow being processed by any office software.
    • ISO or American number formatting.

Benefits of KML Generator

  • It is a free service from PROMAX for those users having the GPS option installed in their HD RANGER or RANGER Neo field strength meters.
  • It runs on the web browser; no need to install software on the computer nor applications in the smartphone.
  • Quick and easy operation, it includes a wizard to create the most convenient representation modes.
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