New functions for DVB-T measurements

July 1, 2005.

New functions for DVB-T measurements

The impulse response

We introduce the new channel impulse response function for field strength meters models PROLINK-4C Premium and PROLINK-4 Premium. This function will be included as standard in the instruments of new delivery. If required, it is also possible to upgrade the firmware of the instruments in the field.

Quality of the digital signal

The field strength meters models PROLINK-4C Premium and PROLINK-4 Premium include many other functions to determine the quality of the DVB-T signals. For example, the measurement of Power, C/N, BER, CSI and MER. The Bit Error Rate (BER) is a parameter that determines the limit of acceptability of the signal. This limit is established by DVB. But to define the quality of the signal other measurements such as CSI or MER have to be taken in consideration. Such parameters will determine the noise margin or, in other words, how far we are from the limit of acceptability.

The constellation

Another very important and complementary function to that we have described previously is the constellation. A well designed and perfectly synchronised transmission system does not assure a reception free of errors in all the coverage area. The constellation function allows to analyse each one of the QAM carriers within a COFDM signal: 1705 in the system 2k and 6817 in 8k.

Transport stream analyser

This function allows the detection of impulsive noise affecting the signal reception. The impulsive noise is mainly caused by home appliances, vehicles, etc. These interferences are easily leaked through the antenna and can affect the reception, but they are not always present.

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