Matelec 2018 has been a success. See you next time!

November 20, 2018.

From November 13th to 16th 2018 PROMAX have been attending professional public at the MATELEC trade fair that took place in Madrid, Spain.

MATELEC is the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry that is held in a two-year basis in Madrid (Spain). It is a key event for all those Spanish and worldwide professionals who want to try the latest technological developments applied to the tools they use every day.

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From professional to professional

We were pleased to attend Manuel Amate, who runs the Domoelectra Youtube channel
We were pleased to attend Manuel Amate, who runs the Domoelectra Youtube channel

We were pleased to attend Manuel Amate, who runs the Domoelectra Youtube channel and is one of the most followed youtubers in Spain. In Domoelectra, PROMAX field strength meters are used not only in front of the cameras, but also behind the scenes while the technicians perform the installation and maintenance of their customer’s television reception networks.

TV and spectrum analyzers continue experiencing a high demand in terms of information and on-site demonstrations requests. Most of the hundreds of visitors who visited our booth showed interest in the RANGER Neo TV and spectrum analyzers capabilities such as WiFi analysis, security camera verification and 4K decoding.

PROMAX booth in MATELEC 2018
PROMAX booth in MATELEC 2018

In parallel, deployment of copper and fiber optic networks were the second and third most demanded topics, respectively. The IC-051C and IC-019C cable certifiers, which exceed the requirements of CAT7 and CAT6A, are one of the most solid options. In the same way, the super slim optical fiber fusion splicer model PROLITE-42 aroused a great curiosity encouraged by the special offer available for trade fair attendees.

What equipment was introduced at MATELEC 2018?

TV and Spectrum analyzers

RANGER Neo 4 TV and spectrum analyzer

In this edition the new field strength meter model RANGER Neo 4 was introduced which is able to decode 4K-UHD. Also were introduced the latest improvements in the internal webserver that allows complete remote control and 24/7 remote monitoring with custom alarms.


Optical fibre

PROMAX supplies all the required equipment by local regulations

Given the fact PROMAX supplies all the required equipment by local regulations, we also took the opportunity to allow attendees to see and try equipment such as the new PROLITE-42 super slim optical fibre fusion splicer as well as optical power meters, calibrated light sources, tools...

CAT6A/CAT7 certifiers

LAN certifying equipment

LAN certifying equipment was also widely accepted. The new IC-051C and IC-019C go even beyond the required specifications for CAT7 and CAT6A. They include time domain return Loss (TDRL) and time domain NEXT (TDX) measurements. They use replaceable long-life input connectors that reduce maintenance costs. With its smartphone APP it is possible to share customized reports..

DOCSIS 3.1 equipment

Equipment for measurement in hybrid HFC networks (coaxial and fiber optics) with DOCSIS 3.1

It was also possible to see and try the latest equipment for measurement in hybrid HFC networks (coaxial and fiber optics) with DOCSIS 3.1. This is the CABLE RANGER family, which covers the needs for both operators and installers.

Electronics and electricity equipment in MATELEC

PROMAX electronics and electricity equipment
PROMAX electronics and electricity equipment

Here at PROMAX we do not forget the electronic technicians, so we took the opportunity at MATELEC to show equipment such as the new 3000 A electrical networks analyzer (model IC-090) that allows data download to PC. It is the perfect tool for electricians that work according to low voltage regulations. It measures TRMS values for both voltage and current, it locates failures in the power supply grid and analyzes load profiles and energy optimization.

... In addition to equipment such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, network analyzers and programmable generators.

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