Athens Olympic Games aftermaths and picture album

September 1, 2005.

Few people remembers now the fantastic Olympic games that took place many moons back in Athens, Greece. We at PROMAX have recently had the opportunity to learn a lot about what was going on behind the curtains during the preparations for the event. Especially with regards to the complex television distribution system that was designed and constructed to deliver live images of the games to the international media.

The ATHOC (Athens Olympic Committee) required all the TV outlets installed for the international press, radio, television and news agencies to be certified before commissioning. Following is a set of interesting data and pictures.

Athens 2004 IBC
  • The IBC (International Broadcasting Centre) was the largest in the history of Olympic Games. 87 AM channels were distributed by the local CATV broadband coaxial networks, at more than 2.000 outlets.
  • There were 60 programs on each outlet of ATHOC network with life images of the games coming from different sources. All signals was collected in IBC and distributed by fibre optics at 51 different sites (Olympic Village, 13 Media Villages, 33 Venues, MPC, IOC Hotels, etc). The local distribution made by CATV broadband coaxial networks, at more than 15.000 outlets.

Athens 2004

  • AOB (Athens Olympic Broadcasting), provided local feed in the journalists desks area, from a number of cameras, in all athletics Venues. It was more than 2.000 outlets in 33 Venues.
  • More than 40 professional installers worked almost round the clock in the days previous to the opening ceremony to make sure everything was going to run smoothly and right on time.

PROLINK-4 Premium / Promax 10 Premium/

  • More than 20 measuring instruments, mostly PROLINK-4C Premium and PROMAX-10 Premium series, were used during the installation, testing and certification of the various networks.
  • More than 20,000 data collected by dataloggers of PROMAX measuring instruments were included in the official certification documents delivered to ATHOC.

Athens 2004

  • More than 100 professional installers worked during the games for on site support (two shifts for each one of 51 sites).

  • More than 40 measuring instruments, mostly PROLINK-4C Premium, PROLINK-3C Premium and PROMAX-10 Premium series, were used during on site support.
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