Remote, 24/7 signal monitoring

June 18, 2018.

PROMAX RANGER Neo field strength meters can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world via Internet using just a web browser. There is no need to install any additional software.

It is a free built-in function for RANGER Neo+ and above models that enables the remote surveillance of signal quality thanks to webControl function.

webControl function


The RANGER Neo internal webControl offers four main areas: Spectrum analyzer, TV Parameters, Remote console and Monitoring mode.

The Spectrum analyzer area shows us the spectrum trace, and all measurements for the RF channel being tuned, while we can modify reference level, span, channel/frequency and channel plan used.


The TV parameter area offers relevant metadata identifying the network (NID), (ONID), TS, Service, LCN, etc. along with the video slideshow of one of the services in the selected channel.

RANGERNeo Console

Complete control over your field strength meter from anywhere in the world and with no additional software installation required. A virtual platform that gives you access to all of the analyzer features.

RANGER Neo console

Professional monitoring system

You can schedule the RANGER Neo TV analyzer to automatically take measurements along a given time span… Or permanently. Set alarms and pre-alarms on different measurement parameters (MER, C/N, CBER, etc). Display the data in a dynamic graph and export it to CSV to process it with office software.

Professional monitoring system

Video / Audio Streaming

It is now possible to stream the Transport Stream after channel demodulation either over a private LAN or over the Internet, as a unicast (UDP) stream. The service as seen on the analyzer screen can be streamed as a SPTS over IP, or as a full TS containing all services for the channel being tuned. The same feature can be used for other streams received over IP or previously recorded, instead of coming from an RF source

Video / Audio Streaming

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