United Kingdom 700 MHz band clearance. Are you ready?

February 5, 2018.

With the 700 MHz band clearance upon us has your meter got what it needs to help you in the future with support for Single Frequency Network (SFN), DVB-T2, MPEG-4, H.265, UHD?.

For the first time the UK will operate digital terrestrial TV multiplexes (i.e. COM7 and COM8) in SFN (Single Frequency Network). This means the two muxes will use the same frequencies through out the country. They will use DVB-T2 with 1/16th guard interval which is a good compromise between bandwidth and signal robustness.

RANGER Neo TV and Spectrum Analyzers support DVB-T2 plus UHD channels decoding and analysis
RANGER Neo TV and Spectrum Analyzers support DVB-T2 plus UHD channels decoding and analysis

Can you do echoes measurement on T2 or is your analyser compatible with that configuration? If you have any questions about the 700 MHz clearance or you are not sure if you are properly equipped for what’s coming ahead, please call us on 01727 83 22 66 (UK) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What is dynamic echoes analysis?

Most well known Echoes are the ones that occur when a broadcast signal bounces on obstacles such as buildings before reaching the receiver. The receiver will usually receive the signal that has travelled over the direct path from the transmitter but also different other Echoes or replicas known as multipath reflections..

However in SFN (Single Frequency Network) all transmitters in a particular area will use the same frequency. Receivers in the coverage area will always receive signals from various transmitters so one signal will be taken as a reference and the other ones will be Echoes.

Dynamic echoes analysis in RANGER Neo analyzers
Dynamic echoes analysis in Neo analyzers

Find out detailed information on the dynamic echoes analysis and how to use it to avoid the presence of echoes in the DTT signal reception:


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