Why to settle for a spectrum analyzer?

January 22, 2018.

For decades teleport operators as well as anyone involved in satellite transmission quality assessment have relied on conventional RF spectrum analyzers to obtain the vital information they need to ensure proper system’s operation and performance.

Whether you are a teleport engineer, flyaway user, broadcasting company, government and military SATCOM technician or you do entertainment system’s maintenance on oil rigs, chances are that you often use spectrum analyzers

RANGER Neo and PROWATCH Neo products are more than just spectrum analyzers. They are truly multifunctional. They combine the characteristics of a portable analyzer and those of a 24/7 monitoring system in a single product.

For field use they offer a powerful, flexible and easy to use spectrum analyzer along with many other features not normally found in conventional RF meters such as LNB power supply, screen capture, datalogger, Transport Stream analyzer, IPTV, WiFi or OTT analyzer.

If your application requires permanent monitoring of satellite feeds the RANGER Neo and PROWATCH Neo products will help you identify signal impairments locally or remotely. They will offer you remote control, webserver, SNMP compatibility, video streaming capabilities or the possibility to set up alarms for automatic monitoring applications.

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