RANGER Neo, now with CCTV monitoring function

January 15, 2018.

Security is an issue that concerns people more and more. This worry as well as the lower prices of video surveillance systems have increased the use of these services. Today, many want to install cameras at their private properties to identify or stop potential burglars.

Security cameras video output can be displayed in the RANGER Neo field strength meters
Security cameras video output can be displayed in the RANGER Neo field strength meters

Installation and maintenance of security equipment is usually carried out by the same technicians who install telecommunications facilities. For this reason, the new CCTV monitoring feature has been included in the Ranger Neo analyzers, making them the most suitable tools for the specialized technician.

TV analyzers for setting up CCTV cameras

With this new CCTV feature it is possible to monitor and verify cameras. Video surveillance facilities mostly use CCTV cameras due to their lower cost and because the existing wiring facilities of the building can be reused in many cases.

Just connect the camera signal output to the RANGER Neo through the CV-150 adapter and select the “CCTV signal” source. You will see then the image from the camera and can check if it is working correctly.

Supported video formats

There are nowadays three most commonly used video formats in the market. These formats can all be converted to composite video using the CV-150 adapter:

  • HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface).
  • AHD (Analog High Definition).
  • HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface).
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