April 1, 2005.

PROMAX-25 DOCSIS SIGNAL ANALYSEREvery time more systems that are important for the proper operation of a cable TV network are monitored remotely. In order to be able to obtain status data from the system and return action orders the monitoring system must be bidirectional. But this is no problem for those cable TV systems that can offer cable modem connection for they are already bidirectional using DOCSIS.

PROMAX has recently sold a number of PROMAX-25 DOCSIS signal analysers to a company that installs cable TV power supplies. The first class type of power supply being installed has remote control capabilities via DOCSIS. Since they are installed at locations with difficult access or not frequently visited by technitians the company who installs them must test the quality of the DOCSIS bidirectional system at the point where the power supply is going to be connected.

They have found our PROMAX-25 very appropiate for this application because of the full bidirectional test including upstream and downstream, simple user interface with little possibility of mistaken measurements and not to forget its affordable price.

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