New RANGER Neo 4 UHD and the connected home

December 5, 2017.

Ultra High Definition broadcast is available to more countries all the time. It is no longer a thing of the distant future but a tangible reality. So 4K UHD is a feature that we must take into consideration when we are in the market for a new field strength meter.

In addition to incorporating a 4K decoder to display pictures of UHD (Ultra High Definition) services the RANGER Neo 4 TV analyzer also includes HEVC H.265 decoding, an exceptional spectrum analyser ,WiFi analysis (including real spectrum display), wide band LNB compatibility, constellation diagram, dynamic echoes analysis, etc., all in a very compact and light weight product ideal for field work.

RANGER Neo TV analyzer decoding a 4K service
RANGER Neo Tv analyzer meter decoding a 4K service

Television in the new connected home

We live in times where watching TV is no longer associated with the telly in the living room. Homes can nowadays receive signals from different sources and moreover once in the house those signals can be distributed using different technologies such as optical fibres, coaxial cables, Ethernet or WiFi.

Below you will find some installation topologies that will surely be familiar to you. RANGERNeo multifunctional analyzers can be of great help when working with them.

Installations with TV aerials

Smart home: Cable TV
TV aerials at the smart home:
Alignment of Terrestrial and Satellite antennas, RF measurements.

Installations with Cable TV

Smart home: Cable TV
Cable TV at the smart home:
RF measurements, WiFi connectivity and coverage, Ethernet connectivity.

Installations with ADSL Internet

Smart home: Cable TV
ADSL Internet at the smart home:
WiFi connectivity and coverage, Ethernet connectivity.

Installations with Optical Fibre

Smart home: Cable TV
Optical Fibre at the smart home:
RF measurements, WiFi connectivity and coverage, Ethernet connectivity
Optical power measurements, Optical to RF converter.
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