Analyzing T2-MI signals with the RANGER Neo 3 and RANGER Neo 4 TV Spectrum analyzers

November 16, 2017.

T2-MI is exclusively used in the link between the T2 Gateway output and the DVB-T2 modulators input, and transported via either TS-ASI or IP. The T2-MI signal includes synchronization data for SFN broadcast and furnishes the DVB-T2 modulators with modulation parameters setup for each PLP.

The RANGER Neo 3 and RANGER Neo 4 field strength meters will allow the T2-MI reception through its TS-ASI, RF or IP (multicast) input, letting the user record the T2-MI signal into a file and play out that file containing the recorded T2-MI through the meter's TS-ASI output.

It is now possible as well to fully analyse the T2-MI signal and inspect its multiple fields: L1 signaling, DVB-T2 timestamp, each PLP and BB frame, etc.

Analyse the T2-MI signal
Fully analyse the T2-MI signal with a RANGER Neo 4 analyser

We can select a specific PLP and activate the TS analyzer to analyze the TS carried within:

Select a specific PLP
Selecting a specific PLP

In the example below we are receiving via an IP Multicast stream a T2-MI signal, from which we are extracting and analysing the PSI/SI tables from the Transport Stream carried in PLPID = 17.

Receive a T2-MI signal and extract and analysis the PSI/SI tables
Receiving a T2-MI signal and extract and analysis the PSI/SI tables in the RANGER Neo 4 analyzer
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