How installers help to create their own measurement equipment

June 30, 2017.

In PROMAX we are motivated to attend meetings in installers' associations, fairs and congresses where we can talk on a like-for-like basis with communications installers. They raise questions that in many cases become new functions for the TV spectrum analyzers.

Training session to installers in Sweden
A training session to installers in Karlstad (Sweden) on March 30th, 2017

Thanks to this philosophy many new features of our field strength meters come true. For example at the ANGACOM 2017 fair in Germany, we introduced the 4K decoding function (4K Frame Grabber).

4K Frame Grabber

... and the OTT functionality, to help installers to diagnose impairments in received signals from Over The Top services. The term Over The Top refers to those video, audio and multimedia services directly received by the user via the Internet.

Working closely with industry professionals is the key to create the equipment that truly solves the problems that a communications installer, an operator or an antenna installer face in their daily work.

Demonstration of field strength meters in Barcelona
Demonstration of field strength meters in Barcelona (Spain) on June 29, 2017

If HFC (fiber + coaxial) networks are hybrid, why not a meter?

Telecommunication operators and HFC hybrid network maintenance companies need measurement equipment for fiber optics and for coaxial cable, as well as laptops or tablets to configure user equipment (routers and so on).

Professionals of this sector raised this issue in different meetings and the result of this feedback between PROMAX and installers has been the HFC meter for Fiber and Coaxial CABLE RANGER.

The CABLE RANGER allows reducing investment in equipment because it joins three tools (fiber meter, RF meter and laptop PC) in a single meter. It includes an integrated Web browser that allows browsing Internet websites, in addition to webserver of routers and other devices.

HFC meter for fiber and coaxial CABLE RANGER
HFC meter for fiber and coaxial CABLE RANGER.

With the HFC Meter for Fiber and Coaxial CABLE RANGER professionals can also carry out the RF measurements related to RFoG (Radiofrequency-over-glass), a growing trend among CATV operators because it allows them to take advantage of all the benefits provided by fiber optics to compete with FTTH service providers.

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