Create your own 3D signal coverage map with your PROMAX TV Signal and Spectrum analyzer

September 19, 2016.

The HD RANGER field strength meters by PROMAX allow users to take measures with the Signal Coverage tool and export them to a Google Earth 3D map.

KML Generator is a free online tool that converts the files generated by the HD RANGER signal coverage tool into KML files that can be opened in Google Earth.

Try it for free! Download the measurement data that we have used in this article to generate your own 3D map.

KML Generator, the free app to generate 3D signal coverage maps

This app gives you several options to convert test points into 3D graphics, classical markers or even overlapping a curve on the map.

Signal coverage analysis drawn as a curve
Coverage analysis performed along Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona and drawn as a graphical curve that shows power level of a digital channel. At the background you can see the Collserola TV tower.
Signal coverage analysis interpreted as a 3D graph
Analysis of coverage over Barcelona airport interpreted as a 3D graph with a color scale according to signal strength. The worst reception level is in a tunnel under the runway.

It is easier to find out why in a given area there is a poor signal if you enable “3D buildings” and “Show topography” options in Google Earth. Both options, along with the colour scale in the measurement graph, give an idea of where a geographical feature or building is causing the problems of coverage.

What do I need to perform a signal coverage analysis?

You need a PROMAX HD RANGER field strength meter with the GPS option installed. PROMAX will provide a compatible GPS receiver so you can start using it right away.

The GPS option can be requested when you buy a new meter or it can be installed afterwards by the PROMAX Technical Service.

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Signal coverage analysis drawn as classical markers
Measurement points drawn as classical markers, with a colour scale indicating the signal quality.

Check it out. Create your own 3D maps

First, you need Google Earth installed on your PC:

Finally, use the KML Generator to generate 3D maps. Have fun!

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