Automatic shoulder attenuation measurement available for RANGER Neo 2 field strength meter and TV Signal analyzer

August 5, 2016.

Due to its importance the shoulder attenuation measurement is one of the required measurements at the 8 VSB / ATSC broadcast system air interface.

The HD RANGER 2 and HD RANGER 3 are now able to perform this measurement automatically and display it along with other relevant data such as pilot carrier amplitude, MER, VBER, etc.

HD RANGER 2 and HD RANGER 3 includes automatic shoulder attenuation measurement
HD RANGER 2 and HD RANGER 3 include automatic shoulder attenuation measurement

This is one of the new functions included in Release 22, which is currently under test before public distribution in September’16. It can be retrofitted to any HD RANGER 2 or HD RANGER 3 products available in the market via firmware update.

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